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Two Left Feet?
Dance Instruction

Do you think you have Two Left Feet? We’ll make one right! If you are interested in learning how to dance or learning some new/more dance steps, improving the steps you already know, gaining the confidence to get out on the dance floor, or getting a good workout, you have come to the right place!

The benefits of dancing are numerous. Recent studies have indicated that dancing on a regular basis is more effective than many other forms of exercise in lowering cholesterol, improving circulation, and postponing memory loss, among other medical benefits. Dancing is a form of communication and many couples who learn to dance together often discover a new spark and depth to their relationship.

Although I encourage you to sign up with a partner (there is a discount for 2, and you will be dancing with someone the entire time), it is not required. Grab a friend to share the fun!

Beginners – learn how to dance in a safe and fun environment. You don’t have to be perfect to enjoy social dancing! Grace on the dance floor is an attitude – Grace on the dance floor comes with confidence! The fear of being on a dance floor is a universal fear that will be shared with everyone in the class. I will provide a safe learning environment for you to gain dance floor confidence. Feel empowered! Take the risk! (Be prepared – we do a lot of laughing in class!)

Those who already know how to dance – keep improving your dancing skills and your dance floor confidence by learning more steps in the Level II classes. Add to your enjoyment on the dance floor and get more practice on the steps you already do. If you repeat the level II classes, I will make sure to give you new steps to learn.

A Note About Attire: Wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in. The only (strong) suggestion we give is that you wear smooth-soled shoes (leather or suede is best). Ballroom shoes can be expensive, so grab a pair of dress shoes (or even your bowling shoes!) out of your closet. They will do just fine until you decide to splurge on a pair of ballroom dance shoes. Tennis shoes and other rubber-soled shoes are not recommended, and are strongly discouraged.

Beginning Classes

We start at the very beginning! If you feel nervous or intimidated, know you are not alone, and we make every effort to put you at ease. Our hope is that you walk (dance) out of class with the enjoyment of moving to music at your capacity. Dancing should be fun. Be prepared for a non-pressured class with alot of laughter!

Many men begin dance classes under duress. Guys, when you step onto the dance floor, you are the leaders… what an opportunity! As you learn new dance steps, you will learn how to lead (and your partners will learn how to follow!). We will teach you how to execute the cues that enable you to lead. If you are one of those who has been resisting dance lessons, make the decision to give it a try! You will be giving your partner a most wonderful gift!

A Note on Repeating Classes: Many people have repeated these classes, and none have regretted doing so. The advantages of this are that:

  • you know what to expect (so you are more at ease to begin with).
  • you reinforce what you have learned before.
  • you get more practice on the steps (particularly if you haven’t used the steps in awhile).
  • you can concentrate on different aspects of the steps.

Beginning Ballroom

This is a great first dance class to take since it includes many of the fundamentals needed for all partnered social and ballroom dances. We start at the very beginning. You will learn leading, following, posture, dance floor etiquette, and more. You will learn several basic steps for three dances: the Fox Trot, the Waltz, and either the Cha-Cha or Rumba (decided by class vote). Along with learning new steps, each week you will repeat everything you have learned from the previous weeks. Repetition is the key to retaining what you learn.

This class will give you the confidence to learn other dances and to move onto the social dance floor!

Push the play button to view Foxtrot

Beginning Swing

You will learn the fundamentals of swing, focusing on East coast Swing moves. We start at the very beginning and soon have you hopping! Swing is one of the most versatile dances (you can swing dance to a wide variety of music). During this class, you will learn many moves that impress when you are on the social dance floor!

Push the play button to view Swing


Latin dance is hot right now! There is a place to Salsa dance every night of the week in Indianapolis! In this class, we start at the very beginning, and move along as quickly as the class is able. You will also learn some Merengue and some Bachata to give you a little variety. You will learn individual Salsa as well as partnered Salsa. This class is fun as well as a great workout!

Level II Classes

Learn new dances and more steps to the dances you already know! Ballroom II classes usually consist of some Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and additional Waltz steps, although there is a lot of flexibility in the content for this class. If there is a particular dance the students are interested in learning, we will add it! If you are repeating this class, we will make sure there are new steps for you to learn. Swing II classes consist of additional East Coast Swing steps, as well as some Lindy-style steps. Again, if you are repeating this class, we will make sure there are new steps for you to learn.

As with the beginning classes above, many students repeat the level II classes to gain more confidence, learn new steps, and to continue to practice what they already know.


All Classes are six weeks long and cost $95/person or $175/couple

Will Travel

I am willing to teach just about anywhere! I will come to your location, near or far. I have taught classes at schools, churches, private homes, an attorney’s office, for girl scouts and their dads, for corporations, for retreats, and at the beach!

Private, Semi-Private, & Group Lessons

I am willing to work with you individually, with a small group, or with a large group that you arrange – at your location or mine. We will discuss what dances you or your group would like to learn and I will adjust accordingly – tailor-made classes for you or your group! Classes can be arranged in any time-frame and for any length of time. They can meet on a one-time basis, for a few classes, for a typical 6-week course, or on an on-going basis. Getting ready for a wedding? Getting ready to go on a cruise? Just want to keep learning when regular classes are not in session? We can make it work!

Since each of these situations is unique, please contact me for pricing.

If you would like for me to choreograph your 1st Dance, please visit my 1st Dance page for details.

Upcoming Classes


I will continue to teach private,
semi-private, and group classes
by special arrangement.
Contact me at: 765-749-9080



If you have a group of people who want to learn how to dance, or if you are interested in private dance lessons, contact me to arrange a class(es)

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